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No, it’s not about ribblr. It’s about ME! My birthday is coming up in a month or two … AND I AM GETTING YARN! I
The problem is I don’t know what type I want to get- I see a lot of people with 20-30 skein and I want to know. How do you get all that frickin’ yarn!? I also want to you, is worsted better that chunky or what type a yarn is most comfy to crochet for cuddle plushie? I bet it’s chunky but like I said, idk :woman_shrugging:, so it would mean the WORD to me if you can help me out so I can get yarn for my brithday


I personally like chunky yarn much more than worsted weight. if you don’t have any experience with it, I’d recommend starting off with premier parfait chunky yarn, as it’s thin, but also is really soft and plush. if you do have experience with chunky yarns, i’d say invest in some bernat blanket, or sweet snuggles. They can be expensive, but you can keep and eye out for when they’re on sale!




What do you like to crochet? I personally prefer worsted because you can use it for amigurumi (which I do) and also make other things! you can also buy packs of yarn so you get like 15 skeins in one pack that you buy


I think velvet because its amazingly soft also chunky is nice it works up fast :grin: :crazy_face:


most people buy it online cause its like 5-8 dollars indteaf of 11.99 :sob:-


I personally really like bernat blanket yarn! It comes in huge skeins that can last you quite a bit depending on what you crochet, and definitely plush yarn/chenille/chunky yarn is the best yarn to work with.

I would suggest either getting a size 5 bulky or size 6 super bulky yarn, I wouldn’t go anywhere near jumbo yarn because that is when the bang for your buck stops lol.

I would definitely recommend bernat blanket yarn though, it’s what I use and it makes nice, crisp stitches and is incredibly soft!

I also like that it’s not like other yarns. Let me elaborate on this;
it doesn’t really shed access yarn fluff all over the place, it also doesn’t pull the fluff off of the strand of yarn like sweet snuggles yarn does, and in my opinion, it lasts a longgg time depending on the type of amigurumi you make.

A lot of people with 20-30 skeins of yarn (I have way more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) have taken a lot of time and money to stock up their yarn. Yes, as I want to be one of them I can’t deny that I haven’t lodged a bunch of money into yarn myself lol.

Most of the time people with a lot of skeins of yarn either buy their yarn when it’s on sale, they also probably don’t buy a lot of plush yarn, they probably stick to one brand of plush yarn that they like, and they also probably are for the most part market hoppers (or market nomads…I just thought market hoppers sounded better lol) and get their money specifically for yarn from doing markets and selling plushies.

I am a huge market hopper and I just got back from a market and I have another one tomorrow :P. If you haven’t done any markets yet, I would recommend it! It has earned me big money whilst still being on the younger side of teen-hood. I think at one of my markets I bagged about $800 and that was at a festival. I had to pay my mom $200 for helping me get started, which in the end left me with over $600 of free money to spend, half of which I kept strictly for yarn, and the other half I kept for myself.

I think in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Do you like your plushies to look softer and more plush-like to where the fuzz almost covers the stitches? Or do you like your stitching to shine and don’t mind them being there.


For a big cuddle plushie I would definitely say chunky chenille is definitely the best! Sweet Snuggles Lite and Chenille Home Slim are some of my favorites :]
I have probably 60-80 skeins of yarn, it’s expensive​:sob:
I’ve built my collection over a year and I try to find the best deals for yarn I know I will use.
I do markets and the yarn that sells for me most is chenille, so I buy a lot of it and it ends up being a good deal for me.
It depends on your preference and what you’re planning on using the yarn for!
Definitely look for sales though :wink:


I’ve bought SO much Yarn in the last 16 years or so. I made six figures before I had to retire because of Long COVID and Bought and gave away a lot.

Cotton- is best for small amigurumi, it holds it shape well over time. And there are hundreds of colors out there. It’s washable, and can put in dryer- best for babies and toddlers. However, I find it hard on the hands to crochet with. You’re young, you will do fine.

Hobby Lobby- on the thin side for worsted and loses color over time but on cheaper side

Paintbox- on the thin side for worsted, holds color well. Expensive when not on sale. However, Lovecrafts is often out of stock.

Lion brand cotton- on the thin side and expensive per yard. I didn’t use a lot of this so don’t know about colorfastness.

Peaches and Cream- cheap, lots of colors and color ways. But, tends to be splitty and color fades over time.

Acrylic- least expensive, can lose shape over time, is non organic. Great colorfastness. Must crochet tightly for ami as it can stretch. Cheapest is scratchy ( but can modify this with vinegar, soap, etc), but there are some soft ones. Pilling common.

Red Heart- cheapest per yard but the scratchy factor! The pilling! However, probably a thousand colors.

Premier Basix- softer than I expected. Not scratchy ( compared to acrylics not animal fibers). Good value for the money especially when on sale.

Impeccable- less scratchy than the Red Heart above, more expensive than the two above, lots of colors.

Vanna’s Choice- thinner than Red Heart, and I dare say scratchier than Red Heart. And the color choices. :face_vomiting:

I can’t stand pilling So I use a lot of anti pilling yarn.

Premier anti pilling- on thicker side, wonderful glide, lots of colors, good value especially on sale.

Lion Brand anti pilling- thinner than Premier, hella more expensive, colors tend to be more autumn like, adequate color range.

Big Twist- on thicker side, expensive when not on sale, good value when on sale, limited color range, can be mildly splitty, has a unique texture to it that I like.

Ok, I’ll talk about plushie yarn later.


if you want a thinner yarn you NEED to try carron cloud cakes (I think it’s worsted). it’s so soft it’s softer than chunky yarn i use.


On the amount it skiens I have, it’s like 7-10 in like acrylic and maybe 1-2 skeins of berbarnts bb blalnket, THANO YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FEADBACKKKK


I’m amlost in tears :sob:


I’ve never used worsted , I have only seen it lol but thank you so much for your feed back it means everything to me,
I think I am going to get premium parfait yarn, maybe some from Joan,
But seriously, thank you so much-


I like chunky better for plushies but the only issue with it is it falls apart so you have to burn the ends with your ha- oh wait humans can’t do that… with fire you have to burn it with like a lighter or something.


I mean, we caaaaan but we would also burn my hand off as well O.o


My FAVORITE plush yarn has to be sweet snuggles lite yarn, and for worsted I would say ( I love this yarn ) from hobby lobby. I love how there’s just such a huge variety of colors. :rainbow:


Im slightly biased i love a good worsted weight yarn, but since i do amigurumi ive found it looks better in chunky yarn

I love premier parfait chunky, the yarn lasts ages and its 4.99 a skein like 99% of my chunky yarn is from them and its easier to work with than sweet n snuggles imo