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I would love to learn Tunisian crochet but I have absolutely no idea what to get. Can I use worsted weight yarn that I already have? What hooks do I need to get as a beginner? What is a good first project to start? What stitch should I learn first? Is there anything thing I need to know before I buy anything? Thank you in advance, I will take any advice I can get! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


@Abbeymade might be able to help! :blush:


You can use regular yarn when you Tunisian crochet, and you should use a Tunisian hook, which looks like either a really long crochet hook, or a crochet hook with a cord. The first stitch you should learn would be probably tss, or Tunisian simple stitch. For every row of Tunisian, you also have a return pass, to get all the loops off your hook. Hope this helps, there are many YouTube tutorials to help with this as well. Also, when it comes to Tunisian hooks, I don’t recommend plastic hooks, it makes the stitches uneven.


I’m learning to Tunisian crochet too! I got some beautiful wood Tunisian hooks off of Etsy and I love them! It’s a big set and so far they work wonderfully! Some Tunisian hooks are double ended like mine are (the head of a crochet hook at both ends, I mean) and they are quite long! Others are just really long with just the head of a crochet hook at one end, and you will sometimes see them called Afghan hooks. You can definitely use the yarn you have and I would say worsted weight is always a good place to start with anything (whether knitting, crocheting, tunisian crocheting, etc.)!
I hope this helps!
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Thank you Nicole! :sparkling_heart:


Would you recommend wooden or metal hooks?


I would use either or, but definitely not plastic. I had a plastic Tunisian crochet hook and it ended up breaking because it was quite flimsy. I had found it in a big box of things of knitting supplies a friend had given me of knitting things because she had given up on knitting, (she crochets) and I looked up what it was and found out! Not long after it broke, and I wasn’t holding it very tightly it just was a little bent. But back to your question: I couldn’t find any metal ones, and I mostly knit with wood needles (another friend had gifted them to me a couple of years ago) and have had good results so far! I crochet mostly with metal because, well, that’s what I have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so I would suggest both. I can find the link to the wood Tunisian crochet hook set I found if you’d like! :blush:


I found some metal ones on Etsy by the shop GuChet that I think I am going to buy!


There’s a Tunisian stitch that I found on YouTube called the around the world, It was the easiest for me and did not require the Tunisian/afghan hook. I was able to use my regular hook. It’s under The Crochet Crowd and completed by Mikey.


Thank you I will try this today!


Hi there! if you have any standard crochet hooks, why not just practice little pieces of Tunisian Crochet using those hooks? You’ll get a feel for it that way without spending loads of cash.
As to hooks, it depends what you want to make. My husband makes hooks for sale (@catch_hooks on instagram) and people ask him for all sorts of strange sizes and lengths that I would NEVER use - so it’s often preference based.
If you’re only just starting out I wouldn’t recommend investing in an expensive set of hooks until you decide it’s for you. I recommend beginners start with a 6mm standard tc hook - single ended with a stopper at the end, usually about 30cm/12" long. This is fine for making things like scarves, cowls, swatches, etc.
A lot of tc can be made with a standard crochet hook though - you’ll see some of my patterns use a short hook.
Cabled hooks are needed when you’re making some things in the round (like jumpers) or something really wide like a blanket made in rows.
Double ended hooks are a go-to for me because you can still use them for single ended things.

My favourite hooks are @catch_hooks because I prefer anodised aluminium over timber and I like my hooks pointy. I will NEVER work with plastic hooks. I do NOT recommend the very cheap wooden sets that have tubular plastic cables. Don’t waste your money.

Basically there are no straight answers. If you tell me what you’d like to make to start with though I can give you specific advice.



Hi! I’m relatively new to Tusinian (and Ribblr, Hi everyone​:blush:) but love the feel of ‘knit-crocheting’—you’re even faster!
I would recommend metal hooks and any yarn will do! :yarn::purple_heart:


I just took a class from TLYarncraft, Toni Lipsey who suggests wooden/ bamboo are good choices but I too like the metal tunisian crochet hooks.


Toni from TL Yarn Crafts has some excellent tutorials for Tunisian crochet. The worsted weight you already have will work. If you already crochet, I would a Tunisian hook similar to the type of hook you regularly use. For example, if you prefer a bamboo hook for crochet then perhaps look for a bamboo Tunisian hook. It may make sense to start with 1 or 2 hooks to see if you like the art before investing in a full set of Tunisian hooks. I hope you like it!


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