I Took It Out on Yarn 🧶😤🙄😡

I had a bad day.

Not a break down kind of bad, more of a…like, I snapped. I was so done with everyone and adulting…and just ugh. Soo…I WENT YARN SHOPPING! :laughing:

I bought a ton of giant yarn & thought I’d use my pokeball pattern to make a big pillow but–it totally failed :cold_sweat:. Soooo…

I WROTE A NEW PATTERN! ahahahahaha :joy: I had to edit the regular pokeball stitches to accommodate the jumbo size yarn’s structure. This thing’s like 14-15 inches tall! It’s bigger than my head! And my cat…lol!

Please enjoy the exxxtra squishy, plush 'n cuddly, complete good mood making GIANT pokeball pattern that is the result of one especially impulsive night. (It worked up shockingly fast, but also made my arms sore :joy:)

Pawbu’s perspective on a GIANT pokeball

Me with it for size idea. :astonished:


Hope you’re feeling better! Also I love it!! it looks so squishy :laughing:


Much better. Nothing like some yarn therapy :grin: and the squish is uber satisfying :relaxed:


Ya know @Pawbu, what you did is a great coping tool! AND, you have something productive to show for it. Good Job! Proud of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope you are feeling better! Great way to cope! I know for sure that would make me feel a whole lot better!