I’ve designed crochet patterns, but can’t make them because of ongoing hand injuries

Hi all,
Just curious what options are out there.
I’ve designed a number of crochet patterns, sketches and notes, but haven’t been able to finish crocheting the actual item due to ongoing hand issues. So I haven’t been able to work on publishing them because I don’t have the actual piece.

So is it possible to still publish patterns, or well something, even though I can’t physically crochet the piece or I can’t finish my test piece?
I’ve been able to crochet a little bit at a time and gradually improving, but it is VERY slow progress.

Just curious if there are any options or ideas out there that I haven’t thought of for working towards publishing my numerous patterns that are just sitting collecting dust



Hi! Sorry to hear that, but you can post a tester call here on ribblr. That way they can test the pattern for you! :blush:


Some designers have published their patterns without testing. From what I observed though, makers are more likely to purchase patterns when they can see what the crochet item looks like, and when it has been tested.
I think having other people test them would solve your problem.


You can, but people are less likely to buy it. You can post a tester call and see if someone will make it and let you use their photo.

If you mean options for you to make one they do make tools like ez stitch, or hooks with very large handles. I’ve seen someone crochet with one hand so there’s ways!


The best bet here is to probably look for 1 or 2 testers, even just getting one person to complete or double check your completed work really can polish a pattern and make it more enticing for buyers of patterns. I have seen published patterns without any examples or testers, but as a buyer i love to see at least 1 example finished.

Or, if you are planning on releasing them for free, there is no reason to have testers. :slight_smile:

The most important thing though is to do whats best for you and your health! If publishing without testers is the best bet for you, go for it! Testing and examples act like an enticement method.


I would say, give it to testers to test for you. Journals can be made and you can explicitly say that you want pictures posted.


To add to that, and what I was first going to say when I read your title was… Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! I can’t imagine putting in all the work to write a pattern, but not be able to complete it as quickly as you’d like.


I don’t know what issues your hands are having but I do know items are made to help those with hand arthritis to continue to crochet.