I'm really struggling lately

As the title says I’m struggling lately with mental health stuff. I have borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD. I think the lack of sunlight is getting to many bad. Is there anything you guys do to get yourself thru the dark bland grey months of winter?


I drink tea… like green tea or herbal tea. And I shitpost :sweat_smile:
As far as practical things I do, I open a window and just let the air in. Even if it’s cold (although for only a short time if it’s cold) and I have a few plants that have a grow light that I sit under so I can get some vitamin D as well.
And I crochet (or knit) while listening to something on YouTube or a podcast (Caelan Conrad or Respect the Dead alway cheer me up immensely). The repetition gets my brain into a kind of zen place and listening to someone else’s voice tricks my brain into thinking that I have company over :+1:


I like to make a list of shows and movies i want to watch so i can have little things to look forward to. I love comfort games as escapism(animal crossing, Pokémon, Minecraft, ooblets, stardew valley, or similar games) things like this may feel like you aren’t doing anything productive, but it’s a start on keeping your mind entertained and occupied. Very low effort but even the lowest effort can be so hard to do sometimes


The counseling center at my university recommends these:

I try really hard to get at least 20 minutes of outside time a day, preferably in the sunlight. I abandon this mission when it’s less than 40° out tho


I understand how you feel. As someone who struggles with mental health and meeting friends (i have ADHD) it can be hard for my to get through. I just try to stay connected.


There are times I feel stuck within myself. I have to remember I’m a mom and a grandma, besides my family. My children might be adults but to get out of the funk I need to find the light within and grab it. I suffer from ptsd as well. I’m a survivor of child abuse and I broke the chain of abuse as well. I retaught myself and learn to have a childhood and laughter through my children. I might be 60 yrs old but age is a number that is added not how I feel inside. I play video games, I interact with others and crocheting has help me throughout my life. 53 yrs and I tend to take breaks, I draw out my designs, I embroidery. When darkness try to take me in I always look for the light and pull myself out again. Don’t let a title of mental health put you down. Get out of your comfort zone and pick your head high and go for walks even window shopping helps.
Sorry my experience of life can help others as well. I believe in you and everyone. You got this and you’re not alone.


When I start getting really bad I go to the tanning bed! The dose of UV light really helps!


I don’t do great in the darker months either :sweat_smile: I tend to gravitate towards things that take lots of time and focus to sort of shut -up my brain, like reading a novel or playing an instrument. Stay safe everyone :cookie: