Improve journals

Hello. I’m signing up for a lot of testing and I want to know how I can improve my journals. Any information that you consider important?

So far I’m writting if I liked it and if it was easy to do. If it didn’t take long I would also mention it. On some I have put the hook size I used.


Hmm… Maybe you can include what yarn you used?
And I know alot of designers don’t like it when you write feedback in journals so don’t do that (unless they tell you to). But I think what you write in your journals sound great!


Maybe you could write in your journals if you had some difficulties with the pattern and if yes then at which part. You can also include whether you would recomend the pattern to others, hope this helps : )


Hello! In tester call journals, you could add:

  • The yarn and hook side used
  • If it was a quick/fast project
  • If its a long project (such as a sweater per say) prob a daily update of your progress
  • Do not add/write any parts of the pattern
  • If there is a mistake in the pattern, DM the designer (a tester call is to fix mistakes, so leaving it in the journal is not too fair)

Hope this helps!


Any difficulties should be communicated privately to the designer (EDITED TO ADD not noted in the journal) to give them a chance to clarify the pattern writing so no future buyers will be confused


As a designer, I really like photos along the way. They just make me smile. Yarn and hook are recommended by me to get started.


Thanks @Angyta i had the same question… :two_hearts: