improvements for mute/ignore

I have noticed a few loopholes and weak spots in the mute/ignore system.
If I mute someone, I will not see their posts, if I ignore them I will. Except if I ignore someone, their posts will still show up on the feed as normal, but opening it will just display “ignored content” , even though I literally just saw it in the feed already.
Muting a space works across the board for everything, except for when you get tagged in said space.
A muted tag will still show if it is someone you follow.
Also, I would very much appreciate it if the muting and ignoring were mutual. The mute or ignore could release once the person that initiated it removed it, but it is not fair to keep hiding something and then keep seeing it anyway. Making the mute temporarily mutual would achieve this without the anxiety of having to involve a third party.


I agree with all this.
I was told this was the closest you could come to blocking someone on here but it also populates a muted stores patterns to advertise to you, even though you want nothing of that person pushed to you.
I like being able to curate and protect myself properly on othersites where you can fully block/mute/restrict people.


Hi :wave:

Firstly, thanks for your suggestion!

To explain a little more -
Currently if you ignore (not mute) a user you would not see their topics show up on your feed.
You can still access them via a direct link, but they’ll show ‘ignore content’.
If you access a topic by someone else in which they have posted on, you won’t see it by default.

If the above doesn’t work for you please let us know.

You are right that you won’t see muted spaces or tags on your feed. You can still find and access them, so they aren’t ignored. By default we assume that you wish to know about your friends posts so you get a notification for it. However you can turn those off by visiting ‘notifications’ within your profile → preferences.

The potential issue with mutual ignore is that content could get out of context quickly because you aren’t seeing posts by others, however we understand where you’re coming from and have logged your feedback :blush:


it absolutely does not work, and I have reported it numerous times, with screenshots.

the precise point I am coming from is that if you are being harassed, and you take on the burden of being the one to try to ignore/mute it, you have now put yourself in the position of they can still see you and stalk you and plan more ways of playing “I’m not touching you” just out of the corner of your eye with multiple blank userpics and “hidden content” and “ignored content” reminders. If they were temporarily mutually muted, it would give a cooling off period where the harassed person could feel less anxiety over the ordeal and hopefully the other party would move on.


Thanks for sharing, we’ll submit your feedback.

As for the ignore issue, we see a resolved ticket for this as being solved.
Can we kindly ask you to try again? Try to add a user appearing on your main feed to the ignore list, and click save changes. Then, exit or refresh your app to see if their topic still appears on the main feed.
If it doesn’t work please send us the updated screenshots via PM and we’ll open a new ticket.


ok, this time, it did appear to work, but only under these conditions…
I changed 2 random persons to mute, they still showed up.
I changed them to ignore, they still showed up .
Did same with mute, one hid, the other did not
changed one back to ignore, logged out, logged back in, changed other to ignore. The one prior to logout hid, post log out did not
So, do I assume that you must log out after every selection in order for the mute/ignore to function properly?

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To achieve the results of hiding posts please use the ignore feature.
Make sure you click ‘save changes’. If it doesn’t work instantly try to move to another page, say your shop, and then go back to the community. Sometimes things are ‘cached’ for better performance and this forces and update :slight_smile:

Any further issues just let us know. Thanks again for your input!

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