"In Library" Tag

Hi not sure if this has been suggested before, but I have terrible memory lol & spend a lot of time searching through patterns on here. I’ll come across patterns that I recognize but am unsure if I skipped over them or if they are in fact in my pattern library (& I don’t just go to my library to check cause then I’ll miss where I was in my search)

So I guess my suggestion is like a little tag on the pattern picture that’ll show what patterns are in our pattern library while searching/scrolling through other patterns

I attached a picture of an example from Steam that also has this sort of tag I’m referring to



When you search for patterns, there is a menu you can narrow the search down with. Like “crochet”. Further down, there is a box you can mark that says “exclude patterns I own”.


Thank you!! I mostly use the app & am new so I didn’t know about that