Insecurities (poem)

How is it that everyone says “Oh you look so cute!” but I dont feel cute.

It’s the thing that keeps me from wearing skin-tight… anything

The reason I wear baggy clothes

The reason I started doing little tiny ab workouts

The reason I can’t find it in me to wear even the cutest crop top

The reason I have to prepare months in advance to wear a brallette I crocheted

The reason I haven’t worn a bikini in at least two years

The reason I’m writing this


this is actually relatable to me-

your stuff always hits deep…this hitted me the deepest


omg i feel this. I don’t wanna be on fo those ppl but maybe you’ll eventually understand hkw amazing and beautiful of a person you are and there’s nothing for you to be insecure abt <33


I wear baggy clothes bc I’m skinny and get scared of what ppl think
So like whenever I get skinny jeans from my dad (he doesn’t care about what ppl say I love him sm :sob:) I’d only wear it whenever I run out of jeans to wear.


Oh my gosh Eva thank youuuu! I love that I’m able to like relate to people ig with my poetry like this!


the first two (baggy jeans and ab workouts) are what i’m “struggling” with, I’ve been wearing sweats and hoods to cover myself up and I used to do ab workouts for weeks hoping it would change me. I stopped the workouts but think about going back


girl like its this whole thing with my belly oh my gosh. like its because of the way im proportioned i know that but its so annoying that im so insecure about it. and its just that i can rock some slim bootcut jeans like a champ… we dont talk abt the fact that i wear them every day


very pretty poem :black_heart:
It’s hard, really hard, but i believe in you all :people_hugging:You’re worth more than a tag on a pair of jeans
take care of yourself :clap:


like its not even the jeans girlie! I have the same problem with my mom i have a small waist and thighs but i also have a belly so the waistband will be too big but they’ll fit perfectly in the legs and UGHHH