Inside Out

Hi! I recently reached out to some friends about my crocheting not looking right, and they said it was inside out and I needed to make sure the end from the magic ring was inside my work. My work is looking better, but still not quite right. Maybe I‘m not getting the end on the inside in the right way, or maybe there is something else I am missing? I would add a photo but I do not have any on hand and I crochet with blanket and velvet yarn so it would be very hard for you all to see my stitches. Any advice helps!


I will try to give feedback after I see the photo. Without it I am not sure


Another way to tell if a piece is inside out or not is how the stitches look.

The “inside” will have little horizontal lines going around the piece and the “outside” will look either like little Vs or Xs depending on whether you yarn under or over.

Unfortunately I don’t have any examples on plush yarn so I don’t know how obvious these might be but I have some on thinner yarns

This piece was my first amigurumi and is inside out

This is done with the "normal " yarning over

And this is done with the yarning under technique.

My tension is really tight so might not be overly clear but I hope it helps a little?

Also… In terms of where the tail is… It usually ends up on the inside naturally without having to move it.

Although, as someone said on a different post about a similar topic, there’s no right or wrong way to have it really… It all depends on how you prefer it to look. Having it “right way round” is just the standard I suppose but it’s not the rule


Yes, my work tends to look like the first picture. How do you fix it?


I hope I can explain this with the pictures below;
You usually have the “wrong side” facing you if you crochet by sticking the hook in through the inside of the project and work around like that (picture 1& 2). You usually have the “right” side facing you if you put the hook in through the outside of the project (picture 3&4) and work around the outside.

I hope that helps!


Yes that helps a lot! Thank you! Just one last question, do you go around clockwise or counterclockwise?


Great :slight_smile: Regarding clockwise or counter-clockwise, it depends on if you’re right-handed or left-handed. I’m left-handed, and I guess I go clockwise in a flat circle, but when the project curves upward, it changes to counter-clockwise (it’s a little confusing, I guess: MR clockwise and when you look at the project inside counter-clockwise?) --I’d guess right-handed people has it but mirrored, so MR counter-clockwise and when the project curves upward, clockwise.

But I think you’d need some answers from right-handed people for that.

The pictures in my post is from a left-handed person, so I think you’d need to mirror that too, if you wonder about that direction (I couldn’t do it when I posted them, sadly)

But I believe the most important thing to keep track of is that you should have the hook going into the circle; from there it doesn’t matter which way you go, right-handed or left.


Ok thank you soooooo much! You have no idea how much this is changing my work!