Interested in testing!

Hi! Im new to Ribblr but im interested to test patterns, I’ve been crocheting for a year but started amigurumi somewhat recently. If you have a pattern you want me to test please reply, I am open to amigurumi or basic blanket, I’ve never tried making clothes but would love to learn!


Hii! Welcome to ribblr :purple_heart: It would be better if you edit this post & put it in the testing zone section! This will help you and others that are looking for testers etc. You can also apply to any designers that have posted tester calls already or will in future. Just hit the photo of the designers project to apply :slight_smile:

I will be posting a few testers calls hopefully tomorrow/ this week! Halloween themed :jack_o_lantern: so if youre interested, I can tag you or just watch out for them in the testing zone!


I just put this into the testing zone so that designers seeking testers can see it.


To add to the above here is a link to testing patterns here on Ribblr


Thank you so much!

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Thanks! Everyone on here is so sweet!


Anyone have a pattern I could try?

hi welcome to ribblr :heart_hands: i hope you like it here! i joined a week ago so i’m still new myself.

there are a lot of patterns to choose from! i’d recommend doing a few and posting to your journal so pattern creators can see your pieces!

hope you find a pattern you like :heart_hands::blush:

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Thank you @Itsamber, @tygger428, and @binka you are all so helpful


this is such a welcoming and inviting community​:heart_hands: i hope to see some of your works :smile:

I will tag you someday this week because I will be posting a tester call

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hellloooo omg! you can test my new pattern! i would love if you could test it :>

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I just put a really simple dino amigurimi up for testing!

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