International Fees

Do all of Ribblr purchases go through a banking institution outside the USA?
I notice that each and every ribblr purchase I make my bank adds like a 4-7cent international fee.
Surely, all these ribblr shops aren’t overseas?



Shops are from all over the world, however you should be charged in your chosen currency regardless. It sounds like you were charged in a different currency (EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD).
If this was the case please change the currency - go to the homepage and scroll all the way down to the footer.

If you were charged in USD and that’s your local currency then most bank wouldn’t charge any fees. However, each bank is different so we recommend reaching out to your bank to verify.


Thanks I checked the footer, it states USD. I’ll call the bank then.


That’s the best idea. Also please check upon checkout if you see $USD or a different currency. Keep us posted - we’re here for you!