Is there a way to verify if a tester has actually tested a pattern?

Hi fellow craters,
Other than a tester creating a public journal and posting photos, is there any other way that we can validate that a tester has actually tested a pattern? I don’t like to deny gifting a pattern to someone who has tested but didn’t create a journal or communicated with me until after I published the pattern.


I’m not sure?


Unless they have created a journal then no. The idea of the journal is to share progress.
The journal is really the only way to verify unless they shared a finished photo with you say in a chat .


I think the only way would be to show at least a final photo in the message, journals are also a good way too also with at least a final photo, but a final photo should be good verification and perhaps thoughts/suggestions/feedback/etc

This next part are just some suggestions for next time that could hopefully help with this issue, as for how well it works I can’t be sure, but I have seen designers ask this of testers/applied with these conditions before

I think a good way to ensure good communication during the testing phase is to make that a requrement in your tester calls with some ample time for replies with time zones and all. That way along with anything else you add must be done in order to be gifted with the pattern. (Making it explicitly clear that you won’t be gifted if you don’t do — during the testing phase) perhaps just a simple hi from the testers in the tester group messsge you created to show they’re active/will be active to start it off. If anything happens they should of course let it be known to you as well like they won’t be able to communicate often/test/finish on time because of —, or — happened, etc whether you extend the deadline or not is really up to you but at the very least they should tell you beforehand and not after you remove them

Perhaps blocking the pattern in sections could also ensure a journal is made and actually being tested and unblock it as you go when all the testers reach that section and have posted a photo in the journal (of course letting that be known it will be blocked and or discussed in the tester group chat in the testing call) that way only those that are willing to test and communicate will apply

I really hope this helps or gives you some ideas, I can’t imagine it’s easy to choose between gifting a pattern or not to a tester you’re not sure actually tested the pattern, hopefully someone replies with a good way to verify as I can’t be completely sure of my answer of just a minimum of a photo of the completed test item. You mentioned after you posted the published pattern. Exactly how long after you published the pattern did they say they finished? There’s also the chance that they didn’t test it until after it was done and published, but that depends on what they tested and how long after it was published and whether you still kept them as a tester after it was published


Thank you for your insight! I will keep your suggestions in mind.

I don’t design and I don’t test

If there is a list of testers in your testing area for a particular pattern maybe some kind of progress bar that would show each tester’s % done / as of date would be useful