Is this a issue?

Is it just me or does others have this issue too?

The issue :

I see a bunch of the same people on here posting topics ,testers etc. Which is fine no problem. But why is that ? I know there are tons of users on ribblr. Is it not updating the feed or thats just what it does?


probably because the others just like to comment more than making new topics (that’s what I think)


If you are on the “latest” or the “top” tabs, it might not show all the topics, but if you click on “new” you see all the topics created that you haven’t read yet :slight_smile: other than that, a few people only are active in the community tab and so you might see the same people post over and over again.


Ah yes i understand ! And yeah I click “new” sometimes and it gives me the same thing i already saw ahah


Not everyone creates topics often, some just use the app for patterns so you might not see many people in the community, typically it’s the same people interacting together, no worries about it being a bug/glitch issue :smile: