Is using a pattern unoriginal and not ur art?

Just a simple question, my friend says that my crochet isn’t art since I “copy” using patterns and says I need to learn to on my own? What do u think?


I think using a pattern is a fine way to get started in something, especially something like crochet. Designing a pattern is a lot of work and if someone puts it out for others to use then its not a bad thing. It’s wrong when you claim you designed it yourself or don’t credit the designer. Crochet is and can be art, but its not like drawing or painting where its obvious to copy. It takes skill to accurately do a pattern.


That is art, but the pattern would not be yours. If it’s your pattern, then your crochet work AND the pattern would be your art too : )


It is absolutely art!

Give 10 fiber artists the same pattern with no photo reference, suggested yarn weight, suggested hook/needle & gauge. You will get 10 similar items with each person’s artistic interpretation of the design.


tell you friend that according to what she is saying that if an artist goes out to a field of flowers and paints the scene, it would not be art because he was copying something nature created ;).


Completely agree with our friends here!

It’s quite a funny claim really. Like saying playing the guitar isn’t art because you haven’t created it, or singing a cover song isn’t art because you didn’t write the song.

There are many forms of art, and each one is perfectly beautiful and magical in its own form.


As @saar says, it’s like saying a musician isn’t an artist because they play what’s on their sheet music. Every artist gives their own interpretation to a set of instructions.
To be completely honest, I didn’t start designing my own patterns until sometime last year, even though I have been crocheting for seven years and knitting for fourteen. Heck, I was afraid of changing patterns, since I was afraid I’d mess up and not get a good result. Right now, though, I am making what I lovingly refer to as my “Frankensweater”, a sweater pieced together from two separate patterns, with custom sleeves and extra length in the body.
Following patterns, especially for amigurumi, is the perfect way to learn how to make certain shapes. Following a pattern is the perfect way to learn and gain confidence in your work. Making your own designs is something that you should do whenever you want to, when you want to make something you can’t find a pattern for or when you just feel like challenging yourself.
With all that said, if nobody used patterns, all those lovely designers out there wouldn’t be able to share them! There’s nothing wrong with being unoriginal as long as you’re having fun!


Crochet is definitely art! I love crocheting many different patterns! (the pattern itself is definitely credited to the awesome designer) Be proud of your art and keep having fun with it! :wink: