ISO testers for my crocheted granny square pillow cases

I am looking for testers for my granny square pillow cases within the week. I’m looking for around 5 testers, anywhere from beginners to advanced. You will need to have Instagram as that will be my form of contact as you’re working through the pattern. You must be able to complete the testing by April 8th so you will have a 4 week timeline to get it completed. Please do not apply if you do not have the time. Knowledge with working with granny squares, triangle granny’s and how to add on to granny square work would help a lot for this pattern but it’s not necessary, as my pattern will take you through step by step. Be prepared as this would be considered a big project if you haven’t worked on any large projects before. There is a lot of end to weave in as well. The testing application will be available from Tuesday, March 1, until Tuesday, March 8 of 2022. I’ll be contacting you by March 11th if you’ve been picked to be a tester. Comment below and I’ll message you the link or you can find the link in my Instagram Bio @crochetedbyjustine

EDIT - it won’t allow me to send the link through messages either, if you message me your email I can email the invite to fill the form out or you can find it in my Instagram bio.



Count me in :slight_smile:


I could test it for you :grin: