👻 It's Spooky Season! Happy Haunting 🎃

I LOVE October! Here in Oklahoma, that means the summer heat finally starts to cool off, the leaves will change making the air smell spicy, and time will be made for all things crafty. It just feels… magical! :crystal_ball:

:ballot_box_with_check: Already watched The Nightmare Before Christmas

:o: Harry Potter series, coming up soon!

Anyone else into this time of year? You doin’ any special seasonal things?


That sounds amazing! Where I live in Florida we might just get a little bit of wind (if we’re lucky) :laughing::smiling_face_with_tear:


Here in IA we’ve already had our first light frost at night, but mostly it’s low 70’s and into the 60’s for the time being in the day and 40’s at night. Sometime in early Feb, for about a week, we will be in the night with wind chills upper -40’s to -50. Normal through the Jan and off and on in Feb it’s about -30’s to lower -40’s with wind chill. We did get down to -60 with wind chill last winter (unusual) and two winters before that down to -70 (very unusual). My sister lives in FL, I tell her, I might freeze my fanny off sometimes and we occasionally have tornados, but we don’t have abnormally large snakes, alligators, hurricanes and sharks or iguanas that freeze and fall out of trees ;p.


Here where I live it’s pretty much hot and humid everyday no 4 seasons but for Halloween I’m planning to crochet my pumpkin Axolotl which I put off for awhile due to examinations but hopefully I’ll get back to seeing the pieces up I’ve alr crocheted all the pieces but have been feeling quite lazy to see it up too.


That sounds wonderful! I also love this time of year. I’ll probably be decorating for the season and crocheting/crafting season items :smile: