Japanese craft stores

This topic was requested by @kelscraftedcritters . I’ll go into detail about yarn, hooks, stuffing, and eyes. If you sew don’t know much about fabrics, but I’ll answer what I can.

There are tons of yarn options at stores like Daiso and Seria. There’s plenty of worsted weight acrylic, a few options of blanket yarn, faux mohair, and some DK weight stuff too. It is typically under $1 USD

The hooks here are pretty similar to the hooks in the US. I noticed is is easier to find uncommon hook sizes like 7mm. Again at Daiso these are under $1 USD

The stuffing here comes in small bags. You can’t get it in bulk.

There are no locking eyes here only sew-on eyes.


Thank you for sharing!
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How many yards/meters do you get for $1??


Not too sure about yards or meters, but you get 40 grams of worsted weight acrylic. I’m not sure about the math for that.


Are the sew on eyes crocheted? Or cloth of some kind?


Well, that has to be a small ball or skein. So maybe 50 yards.


They are like plastic pieces with a loop at the back to sew. I don’t like them :joy:


In my area daiso is now $1.75 (usd). I really like the fluffy yarn they have and it’s a pretty good size skein. They also have hooks that are like the clover brand ones that are pretty good. The only problem is sometimes they won’t have all the sizes you want or they’ll have one color one day and the next time you go they won’t have it.


I would be more interested in yarn specific stores and specific Japanese yarn (Noro for example). and hooks.

I am very aware of the listed stores and they are not craft stores. Apparently in Kyoto there is a yarn store where you can mix and match threads to create your own yarn. I have found some lovely yarn in a little yarn store in Osaka.

For fabric I would highly recommend finding a branch of Tomato and heading to Nippori Fabric Town in Tokyo.


I got some daiso yarn in the mail once. For people in America, it’s very similar to dollar tree yarn. Probably easier to get though, I ever can catch dollar tree yarn anymore.


I do not live anywhere near a big city. The craft stores are very far away. Daiso is my craft store.

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The impression that was given in the first post was that Daiso and Seria are the only places to buy yarn or craft supplies.
If they are your local stores then that they are where you can buy yarn. I am aware of other stores because I have been to some and have others on my “next time” list.
I am happy to know that Daiso continues to stock some yarns at least - useful for me to know for quick projects next time I am in Japan. Thank you.

I’m aware of other stores too, but only went once and don’t have very many details to share.

i have a 7mm i got it in a hook set

Hey umm… I also live in the US. Stuffing only comes in bulk. I have no idea what a Diesco store. Safety eyes are a thing. Big lots has cheap yarn. Also thrift stores have cheap yarn and are great for fabric. Some of my favorite fabric has come from thrift store table cloths or curtains.

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This thread is discussing buying yarn in Japan. Daiso is a 100yen store - they stock all sorts of things from craft supplies to kitchen equipment to pet gear and much in between.

There is a large thrift store chain in Japan (Off - ModeOff, HardOff, BookOff)- I do check them for yarn but have yet to see any. I check ModeOff for yarn and in BookOff (which I know has US stores) I have found a few pattern books of interest. I look in HardOff for other things :). They are a really interesting stores to look up through.

I don’t live in Japan but do enjoy visiting the country. I am also not US based and have limited physical store access. .


I assumed that it was in the US since the currency was in USD


Well yes it is in yen, but I converted it to USD so you would know what I’m talking about.

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And there are Daisos in the states

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