Join me for a FREE interactive CAL tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

Join me 2021-04-03T20:00:00Z (time shown is in your timezone) for a FREE interactive craft along and make The Ribbr Bunny with me!
It’s a really fun and quick crochet project, and it’s a free pattern designed by Team Ribblr.

You can join the interactive craft along directly from your patterns library. First, get the pattern (click below) and you’ll then have a new “craft alongs” tab in your patterns library. Click it and join the craft along.

What is an interactive craft along?
Interactive craft alongs are a new Ribblr feature which lets you join a live stream & chat within the pattern whilst following the instructions!
If you haven’t joined an interactive craft along yet, you should definitely join me for this one :star_struck:

Have a fun Easter weekend and see you tomorrow!
Lir :purple_heart: