Journal pictures

Who else here would love the journal pictures to show just as you took them and not cropped in a weird way?

I started taking them in a way that they would upload half decent and they honestly still look like crap half the time. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

What I would have loved to post but cannot on here cause it will get cropped into something nonsensical

Instead I posted a yarn pic and my gauge swatch separate and meh :smiley:


I’ve learned to do a square or 1x1 choice on my phone. Not too close to the edges either. I used to do a landscape mode and try to get it in the middle.


I made portrait mode and it still went weird.

I just want to see if anyone else would love to raise their hand for a more normal format.

So we don’t have to spend more time editing especially for Ribblr format.
That’s all. :blush:


This especially sucks when trying to show work for testing patterns :smiling_face_with_tear: im not very tech savvy when it comes to editing photos, and it seems the quality itself suffers with the cropping sometimes.

Edit to say I guess it makes it hard when selling makes too :joy: I haven’t gotten that far yet.


That’s because people take photos in many different ratios. Most commonly 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 5:4, 4:4.
That’s why we have had to choose a ratio and crop to the center of the image you upload.

It’s less noticeable for landscape photos though!


Yes, it’s quite limiting. Even if I take the pic so I can easily square it and try to line it up right, it often still posts awkward.

I’m ready to just leave it be for now.


That’s the thing, it doesn’t go in the center, it goes further up.

Even trying to take that into consideration, pics still look wacko.

I know it can’t be easy, but I also lniw that you guys might consider revamping it if enough people would be interested.

It is def be a handicap when selling makes via the journal entries.
I know you are working on that.
So, just some food for thought for the tech team :blush:


Can you please share a link and add the original image? I’ll make sure it’s looked at!


This is the journal:

And this is the pic

I went a bit higher than center, cause usually it cuts off the bottom part.
I guess this time it went for both.

I also did the first pic in there, but I guess I should have completely squared it?

I would have really liked to upload just one pic for the gauge swatch and yarn, but I don’t feel like even attempting to make that work atm :joy::two_hearts:

It’s no BIG deal, but it’s a tad frustrating when you try to take nice pics and need to remember the special needs Ribblr version.
It’s around 100F here, taking pics outside is already a big pita :joy::joy::joy:

Eta: that’s odd. The preview in here shows the original pic. Yet when you click on the journal it’s all wacko. :thinking:


What is the ratio Ribblr uses? Because it’s not square…


Hi, Avi from Tech team here.
I’ve taken the liberty to test and crop your last image into a square. (don’t worry, I kept the original you uploaded)
In general, a square is perfect for the journal images, (it’s cropped a bit in preview, but that’s only thumbnail in low-res) but any landscape is preferred to portrait, as most preview images appears in portrait on Ribblr.
Please let me know if that’s fine.



I’ll make do and try to ho more square in landscape mode :blush::nerd_face::smiley:


I find the whole picture thing frustrating also as I’m no tech savvy……


Yes, I hate this so so much. Makes the pictures look blah


I tried the landscape mode and centering it for my latest headband.
It actually worked out ok for the first time.


Since this was brought back to the front, and in case anyone was looking for the specific information:
the ratio needed for the thumbnail is 5:4


that’s good to know


Same I would rather bypass their photo editor completely. I reformat mine to a square but sometimes they still turn out wonky.

Thank you for this!

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