Journal Prompt Ideas?

I really have started journaling more again and I love it! But I always have so much trouble coming up with or finding good journal prompts or things to write about. Does anyone have any ideas for journal prompts or writing prompts? I would really appreciate some ideas! Thank you everyone! <3


when i journal, its about drama or gossip or when i mad/sad to help me feel better but i dont really know


I need help with this aswell :sob:


My last journal entry was in the form of a haiku. I’m not poetic at all, but it made me think more about what I was really trying to say. :blush:


I tend to go with the flow. If I have extra time, I get artistic. If I have a few minutes, i’ll write a poem about my day :slight_smile:

Pinterest has lots of prompts to try, but I’ve found that it’s helped me come up with my own, too.

My mom used to write an “All Things Good Book”, where she would make a daily list of positive things in her life. (You could say she did Gratitude Journals before it was cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Sometimes I’ll get super personal and not hesitate with the words I choose. I call these “Coffee Dates with Jesus”. Whatever I feel, good or bad, I say it with no doubt in my mind or heart that He hears me. These come with a lot of tears at times, but it really helps on those days when things can’t be helped.

I also write songs (or a mish-mash of lyrics), reflections on my week( if I’m really behind on entries) and a mini book/movie/tv review, to see what I like or don’t like about what entertains me.

My mindset is to spill my heart onto the pages :grin::heartpulse:


i like to journal but it’s usually more of what i want to accomplish that day or what I’ve accomplished. i also sometimes make a habit tracker :slight_smile:

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