journal question?

Ok so I wasn’t sure what space to put this in but I think it fits here. should you make journals for patterns even if you’re not a tester? like if you just want the creator or just other people to see your work or want to note something about a pattern


Yes, journals were originally meant to act as reviews for patterns you own and still is, people interested in a pattern could look to see if it’s a readable/comprehensible pattern through the journals and won’t get stuck with a pattern they can’t read


I journal all makes. I like to write the yarn and hook size used so it can be duplicated in the future.


Yup, especially for paid pattern, it helps others buy it if they see that someone successfully made the pattern. Theres no reviews or rating, so thats how you know that a shop is reliable.

Plus its fun to show your work and most makers love to see that their pattern was used.

It also helps you get accepted for tests since people can look at your makes tab as if it was a portfolio.

I also like looking in makes, especially when someone makes a little accessory for the ami or something and writes down how to make it in the journal. Then i can make the accessory for mine too


Yes! Very good points all around :smiling_face: As a designer, I absolutely LOVE seeing journal entries/pictures of makes, and yes, it does sometimes play a part in how I choose testers for my patterns! I’m super grateful to anyone who uploads a journal picture :blush: