Anyone having issues with the journal adding multiple lines. If so is it confusing to the person making the pattern? I have been having to change my rows. For example in my patterns I will list Row 1-10: then in the journal it shows single Rows 1-10.


Sounds to me like you’re talking about Ribblr ePattern and not about the journal…?

Repeated lines automatically appear so that you as the designer can just enter one line with 1-10 as the line number but the crafter can see each line (1, 2, 3 and so on) so they can mark it as finished individually.

The idea behind it is that writing 1-10 in the first place became a standard only to save time and space for the designer but it creates lots of errors for crafters.


Yes, lots of errors for crafters!!!


Im new here and that was explained to me. I understand why now. I have adjusted my patterns so it looks right in the journal. Thank you for your explanation as well.