Journaling 📓💕

Here you can post journal prompts, poems, scriptures, etc. you’ve made, found, or read that you want to share with others!

Today I bought a new journal and I’m going to start journaling again. I used to do it to help relieve stress and emotions. I want to do that again because it really helped in the past for me. But this time I’d like to incorporate Bible prompts, or other scriptures to encourage me. Feel free to share any prompts, verses, poems, etc.


A beautiful idea!! I’ll share some typography I made early on in my Jesus Journals :heart_hands:


thank you! i love journaling and watching journaling videos. i journal almost everyday and try to keep that a habit. i also suggest checking out Carrie Walker on yt, her whole channel is basically dedicated to journaling, which i love. :two_hearts::tulip:


This is a psychedelic typography piece I used to study Psalm 147, back in January 2022. Around this time, I had just started listening to 1970’s “Jesus Music”, the soundtrack of the 70’s Jesus Movement, and God used it to show me how to praise, glorify, and live for Him in a very organic way.

This piece took me a little over 3 weeks to make, but it wasn’t about “getting it done.” I took my time, would read the chapter over and over, repeating each line while I drew around the words, all the while playing Jesus Music in the background. This artistic approach to God’s Word really helped plant this Scripture into my soul and helped me experience God in such a unique way.

Below is a link to the first Jesus Music song I ever heard: It’s called “100th Psalm” by The All-Saved Freak Band, and I’m telling you, before I heard this, I had no idea a bunch of hippies got saved and starting making music for Jesus!!
This is what started my love for Christian Music, because if the Jesus Movement hadn’t started, we wouldn’t have Christian Radio. I highly recommend this beautiful, fun praise song, especially if you like 1970’s music. If anything, it will give you a glimpse into a natural approach to praising God :two_hearts: (The 100th Psalm - YouTube)

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