Journals without photos not showing up

I have a question I hope to get an answer to; there’s been a tester in one of my patterns that contacted me, saying they left their notes in their journal. When going to the pattern to look at it, I didn’t see the journal under the pattern, as I usually do. I contacted the tester and asked for a screenshot, which they happily sent to me, and it was definitely of journal entries, and they all were set to “public”. So I wonder why I couldn’t, and still can’t see it?
Is it because the journal doesn’t have a photo in it? If it is, I’d see it as a big problem, because if some people finished testing and uploaded a journal without a picture, but didn’t say they finished it in the group chat, I have no reason to believe they finished the testing since I can’t see it, thus not gifting them the pattern or karma point. Communication is definitely key, but all the same, I’d feel bad if I’ve accidentally done that to a tester.



Hi there!

Makes without journal photos do not show up under your pattern.

We will be making it easier in the future to access journals of testers, likely directly from your shop manager.

Regardless, we encourage everyone to keep an ongoing conversation for testing so expectations are fully managed and so that crafters can communicate with designers easily.


Thank you for the quick answer! That would be a wonderful solution :smiling_face: And yes, clear communication is key, always.