Junji Ito tomie knit tapestry

Hi, hope everyone is well! Just wanted to show off my first ever knit tapestry! This is a very late Christmas present that I finished towards the end of April lol :sweat_smile: since it was my first time attempting it, there is a few mistakes and the image was flipped somehow too (if anyone happens to know why let me know lol), but overall I love how it came out :smile:

I had some trouble figuring out to hang it without it sinking in but I now know for next time the best thing to do is get some long wooden sticks to help support it and not thin bendable wires lol :rofl:

For anyone also interested I got this from Bracelet Book from the user redrum_ and just shortened the hair a bit since the person I was gifting this too didn’t have a lot of room on their wall, here’s the link to it

Feel free to share your own tapestries/wall art no matter the medium! I love seeing everyone else’s work too :smile:


It looks nice good job!


i love it!!


Thank you @tinyscrochetcorner and @FluffyYarnCreations :smile:


That came out amazing - so cool! What a thoughtful gift, too! I’ve been wanting to experiment with knitting tapestry to see how it compares with crochet tapestry. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you’ve done crochet tapestry as well and are up to it :heartpulse:


Thank you! I’ve done crochet tapestry too, personally I’ve noticed that when I was doing the color changes especially when it was in the same spots there would be spaces separating them as if I had dropped a stitch when I hadn’t, when a color overlaps it would close again, I did fix it after I had finished the piece like if I had dropped a stitch, but when doing crochet tapestries this never happened

I really love how cohesive it all looks with the stitches facing the same way and looking the same way, something when I do crochet tapestry doesn’t happen since I chain and turn, but if I were to not turn (as if doing amigurumi/in the round) the stitches look the same and nice

For some reason when I casted on I did it starting from the bottom right and going left, it ended up reversed/flipped from how it was originally meant to look, I’m guessing I did it wrong somehow so I’ll need to look into that,

Personally I really loved how it came out and the direction of the stitches could be changed to if I casted on the beginning different, definitely will be doing knit tapestry again but I will also do crochet tapestry as well guess it depends on my mood lol

You should definitely try knit tapestry!


Thank you so much for that detailed response!

I know what you mean about how crochet tapestry looks a little different than knit. Interesting about the color changing mechanics with knitting, too. It really did come out great even if it was flipped from the intended look (honestly we would have no way of telling if you didn’t share that fact, haha, because everything looks so seamless/in order).

I am definitely inspired to try it after seeing your work here. Well done again! :gift_heart:


Thank you! Definitely would love to see how it comes out whenever you decide to do a knit tapestry :smile: honestly the color changing issues could also be because of the way I color changed

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