Just fyi

Posted this on my Threads/IG/FB, but thought it was applicable here, too

So a reminder to all: Take breaks as you need them, take care of your mental health, and do what’s best for you and your family :black_heart::black_heart::hugs::hugs:


It may not mean much, but I hope it gets better! I know this might be random but this is something I recently learned, staying hydrated and if possible getting sunlight when you can since it helps not just physically, but it also has a positive effect mentally as well. Once again I hope it gets better :black_heart::hugs:


Amen! I do not even have a FB account anymore. I have IG & Ribblr and I guess I still have my Pinterest and a few others that I’m NEVER on. I use them when I need them for something. FB et al became so negative and just ugly I cancelled my account. Life is hard enough without scrolling through all that stuff as well. I’m on IG probably twice a week and I RARELY post.


I will be praying for you! :blush:🫶🏽


Thanks, y’all… it’s actually not the social media itself this time (although I’ve had times when I needed to step away from toxicity), it’s just been a general feeling of busy, anxiety, and some general life happenings (nothing really bad, just pressing).
I do fully appreciate the virtual hugs, the prayers, and the general love from everyone!


Social media is so off nowadays. I do enjoy Ribblr though, because I get to see posts from everybody equally :sparkling_heart:, not just from people with huge clout like on IG, ugh!


Take good care of yourself :purple_heart: social media can be tiring

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