Just how

Ok, just HOW am I supposed to sew this so it looks like the orange one?


It looks like the tooth is attached (white dots) then the top is tucked into the bottom and stitched either around the post or in the blo just below the edge (blue dots)


I’ll let that marinate a bit.


So this is what im thinking: the tooth goes 1st for sure. Then lets say the opening on the top is round 8 and the opening at the bottom is round 10.
Sew round 11 (so 1 under) with round 8. Try to sew it with a running stitch

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Try sewing it within the mouth and not come out the lips you mean?

That’s what I was saying, if you work from the inside and have the needle come out and go back in on the other side of the stitch so that the yarn goes around the stitch and back inside, it looks like that is how they did it to create the space between those stitches and the slight shadow without a visible seam. A running stitch would show


Thats right, a running stitch would show, but it would be easier to do… But i agree your method would be way cleaner!!

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If that is a Zoomigurumi book, which I think it is, there should be detailed instructions on how to sew it together, but otherwise, I think it looks fine the way you have it.

What book is that? The picture looks adorable!