Karma from Pattern Testing

First and foremost, I do understand that Ribblr didn’t have the Testing Karma as a functionality till this year. I’m speaking from that day till as of now! So apologies ahead of time! :blush:

Is there a way to see if a Pattern Designer credited you Karma whenever you’ve finished a pattern, even if the Designer gifted/closed/removed from the Testing phase? Is it optional for the Designer to not offer Karma?

For example: If i had completed 35 pattern tests & I have 28 karma even though there are no patterns in the “testing” section. Is there a log or a way to see?


sometimes the designer just removes you from the test and then gifts the pattern after, but when they do that you unfortunately dont get the karma : ( ig you could pm the designer <3 its also optional for them ^^


and also there isnt a way to check srry <3


thank you for your response! :blush: i do understand what you’ve said* 100% as i’ve read several topics forums of the idea that some designers will remove said tester and the karma is not given!

what i’m also asking is, what if you don’t remember which designer or pattern that was or wasn’t credited karma* to you? hopefully, this is making at least some sense lol


i dont think you can check who gave you karma but @Ribblr might be able to help


absolutely! thank you for your time and assistance! :blush::bubbles:


You should automatically get the karma point when the designer gifts & remove. I dont see why you would not recieve the karma. As a designer myself, I’ve never seen an option to just remove you. I see gift and remove. Its the right thing to do if a tester finishes your pattern! Maybe you didnt receive the karma for some patterns because they are still in your testing folder? Wait maybe not, because you said they wont there, but you have the patterns you tested in your patterns? That makes no sense! I hope you get this figured out. @ribblr


I understand what you are saying! thank you so much for explaining!

I’m not complaining towards any designers just a genuine question if there was a way to see a log of all the pattern testings we’ve applied/removed/completed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


^ adding on from my previous comment, i also grasp that some designers wait to give karma whenever the pattern testing session is done too!


So the only way you would be able to see if you got karma for a specific test is if you remember if your karma changed before and after you got gifted it but if not thats the only way, designers are able to remove you from testing and then gift you after therefore not gifting you the karma, there is no log to see who has given you karma and who hasnt x


Currently you will be given karma points for a successful test, when gifted by the designer. If you weren’t gifted yet it means the karma point won’t apply just yet. Hope that answers your question!