Karma Point Questions and generally curious on peoples thoughts about testing and having their patterns tested

When testing patterns and you are removed from testers without being given the pattern, how does that effect Karma Points?

when you remove yourself from testers how does that effect karma points?

when you test and complete a test with journal and messaging lots of feedback but the person does not gift the pattern (or not remove you from testers) how does that affect Karma points?

Is there a plan to let individuals see their own karma points?

how many people are actually using the karma points to choose testers? (I have not taken karma points into acct so far, not sure that I would as it seems to be just how many test have been completed and not a quality check on testers, like if there was a survey to go with them that allotted x number of points from yes/no and multiple choice answers- exmple- did they finish the test? Y N , Did they make a journal with quality photos? Y N , did they meet all testing criteria, Y N, Did they provide meaningful feedback? A-great feedback B-good feedback C-adequate feedback D-no feedback)

Is there a way for testers to rate the designers that they tested for? like this person is great to test for, or this person posted a test call and then disappeared for 6 months and pretty much ghosted their own test? or, this person post test calls here but always wants to go else where for the test. no idea how that would be an algorithm thing but would be interesting to see when applying for tests


based on how it currently works, you get one point for every test the designer clicks “remove and gift” on. So your answers would be:
you don’t get one
you don’t get one
you don’t get one
I think they are worthless since a 30 minute project and a 3 month project get the same point, I would also like to see a better system
right now, it’s the same as it is for finding testers… keep a list of those that didn’t work out… personally, I think taking the time to make detailed call posts, taking the time to read such posts, and paying attention on both sides to look for red flags would solve a lot of problems.


I have, and I am still, testing all of the Letodolls. I get no Karma points, because Maria doesn’t do a tester call for me. It’s ok, because I really have no time to test for others, but still. I am close to posting a tester call with the new system. I think it is a good start. Pretty sure it will all evolve in the future.