Can someone please tell me what Karma is ?

I completed my first tester pattern and I saw “1 karma”

I already posted 2 different finished projects on the journal and the karma didnt go up. Is karma only received when you do tester patterns?? Please explain


Karma is received when the designer clicks “gift and remove” once you complete your test. It can only be awarded once per test.


Yes it’s a relatively new tester feature so essentially completing a test will give you one karma once the designer clicks the gift and remove, only for tests do you get karma, there are times when designers wait to do the gift and remove so don’t remove yourself from a test as you won’t be rewarded any karma just keep up with the designer and check in once in a while to see when they’ll gift and remove you :smile:


Thank you! I understand now :heartbeat:


Sorry to jump in but figured I’d ask you since you seem to know some bits.
Do trhe karma points do anything or is it just lile brownie points for finishing a test?


It’s really just there to show you’ve completed tests and are more trustworthy, since there’s cases of testers just ghosting designers once they’re accepted or later on :pensive: so by having karma it shows you’ll stick around and complete a test. Of course newcomers and those that haven’t test won’t have a lot/none at all so it’s up to the designer to decide to give them a chance or not, hope that helps explain it better :smile:


Thanks for confirming.
A shame they couldn’t add retrospectively but I know the pain of people volunteering to test to ghost at sime point along the way