Keeping Gauge!!


I always do a grauge swatch but then as soon as I start to make the project it never seems to come out to the correct size!!

I’m currently making the split jumper in dk with the 5mm hook size m/l and it looks so small!


Try measuring gauge on the section you’ve been working on! Unless the materials stretches or shrinks a lot with blocking, your gauge should be similar to the intended gauge. If that works, trust the pattern and make sure you’ve chained the correct number of stitches.
If it doesn’t work, make sure you created and measured you gauge swatch correctly. Also, if you’ve gotten super stressed, you make be working more tightly, so try going up a hook size if you can. Hope this helps!


When your making your gauge swatch are you making it bigger than 4” and following the stitch pattern? Also are you blocking your swatch?