kindle fire / Fire OS support

@ribblr I just got a new Kindle Fire. I wanted to download the Ribblr app, but sadly, they no longer support google play store. First, I guess I would need to know if the app would even work on a Fire tablet??? And if it would, is there any way you could get the app put in the amazon appstore? Thanks.


Unfortunately we do not have support natively for Kindle Fires or the Amazon Fire OS.
With that in mind, we do know there’s several workarounds to get the Google Play store on those devices, so we suggest searching the web to see if it’s possible on your device.

Assuming you can get Google Play store then you should be able to use Ribblr on your device.

You should also be able to access Ribblr via the browser on this device, too.

Hope that helps! We’re here if you need anything or have any follow up questions.