knit & crochet top TESTER CALL

:love_letter: TESTER CALL :love_letter:

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hi!! i’m looking for about 9-12 testers for my unnamed crochet and knit top. it is a made to measure pattern that utilizes a strong understanding of both crochet and knit.

-Worsted) Natural fiber yarn (is best!), I used 100g (one ball) CoBoo Lionbrand
-3.5mm crochet hook
-3.0mm crochet hook
-6.5 or 7.0mm Circular knitting needles with a 24-32” cable, or about that length
-stitch markers

(if link doesn’t work please check my instagram @ivyfibers
apply by commenting down below your bust measurement and colors you’re thinking of working with!

there will be a testing phase of 4 weeks to approximately march 31st with a specific pattern release date later to come.

modifications can absolutely be made :slight_smile:

(also feel free to suggest pattern names in the comments!)

the form will close in a few days and i will email/message you and post on my story once everyone has been contacted

୨୧ thank you so much!! ୨୧

fee free to message me with any questions :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Looks cute! Too bad I don’t knit too. :slightly_frowning_face: but good luck with testing!


Wow, that looks so awesome! Good luck with your testing, hope it goes well!

I’d be interested in trying this out, my bust size is about 26 inches If I’m remembering correctly.

I would love to test this ! My bust measures 29 inches I believe - and would most likely do it in gray/ or black.

So cute! I’m pretty busty tho :face_with_peeking_eye: