Knitted cat pattern help

I was on pinterest and came upon this pattern

I dont know how i would sew the larger square for steps 4 - 9. If anyone could help explain that and how to do the head that would be really helpful. (The pattern in only this picture).


From the looks of it, you would just mattress stitch the corners by pinching the middle of the sides of the square, here’s a little guide I did to show what I mean better, so for each corner there’s a different color, for the purple corner grab the two ends of the purple on the side of the square and sew the purple corner from the point to the inside/or vice versa. After that’s done you can do the same with the the green corner, by then you won’t need to pinch both sides as by then one of the green sides would already be up from the purple side, you just need to move the green side to the center matching up with the the other side. Make sure to leave a hole for stuffing and once that’s done you can grab a new piece of yarn and sew it shut


As for the head I can’t say for certain without having done it myself but using the the long piece of rectangle from the image 1 picture fold it in half like image 10 and for the open corner side (the white corner) fold it inside sewing it and the top of the head and that should create the ears as you stuff, make sure to push down the middle of the sewn head to create the ears and round head

From the looks of it, there’s links in the images for the pattern, perhaps there is more explanation there than in just the one image Pinterest has, it might be a good idea to check just in case (or perhaps the user has other images seperated that has more explaination) good luck and hopefully I provided some help or at the very least gave you an idea how to sew it :smile:


Okay, thank you so much for the help!