Knitted Knockers and other charity items

Does anyone knit / crochet specifically for various charity projects?

I’ve made loads of Innocent Smoothie hats, and a few blankets for PDSA/ RSPCA.

I’m on a waiting list to start knitting woollen boobs for mastectomy women.


I’m not fast/good enough yet, so my only donations are clothing & other items to charity shops!

I’d love to see the creations you donated. Any pics?

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At my former workplace we held annual Christmas Sales with all proceeds going to WaterAid.


That’s amazing!

I knit hats for my local homeless shelter, it’s not a ton, but figure every little bit helps. It’s a basic 2x2 rib with a fold up cuff, it gets cold here in the Midwest.


Hi there, in my area, grocery delivery during the pandemic meant I made a sizeable collection of plastic bags AGAIN after my efforts to stop using them precovid. Instead of tossing them, I am making plarn to crochet sleeping mats for the homeless. As well, I know there will be a lot of yarn scraps, so I will make knitted winter gear as well for the homeless.


What a brilliant idea!