Knitters, What tips, tricks, or techniques do you wish you had learned earlier?

I started out with dish cloths, and then immediately went into knitting socks. I was so grateful to have an expert knitter (my mom) by my side to help me figure things out because all I wanted to learn was colourwork!


I waited a few years to do cables because they looked complicated, but after I tried them I wondered why I waited so long, they are fun! Lace is also fun, but learn to use a life line in case you have to frog over a mistake.


Cables are so fun and so pretty but in my nine years of knitting, I’ve only just figure out how to make them lean the correct way without making mistakes :sweat_smile:

My mother is obsessed with lace now! I do not have the patience but a lifeline is such a smart idea. I’ll have to suggest that one to my mom.


I did cables on my second ever project last week, and it went great! I just try out different tutorials I guess. Bulky yarn is easier to work with too. Strait into sock knitting now, it’s so much work :sob:


I had been knitting for about 20 years before I truly understood how yarn was made and the differences in qualities and fibers and how they affect the finished project.
It was around the same time that I started learning how to draft my own patterns so that my sweaters actually fit me instead of trying to just wing it from someone else’s idea