Knitting beginner

I just purchased knitting needles and am learning to knit :blush:
If anyone has any tips please let me know!
I’m exited to start :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


Ooo That’s really nice to hear! I was recommended VeryPink Knits when I had asked the same question and I definitely have to recommend her! Her videos were a tremendous help for a complete beginning like me I have some links to her playlists (she has a ton of helpful ones I just chose ones that I used starting off but feel free to browse her channel and or playlists)

The first one is beginner tutorials/techniques the second playlist is slow mo tutorial videos and the second are some help with common mistakes/confusion/etc

It’s important to also look into how to hold your yarn! There’s different ways I’m an English knitter but there’s also continental, etc so feel free to look and try them out and choose the one most comfortable for you :smile:


If you’re ever confused about something or forget a stitch go on YouTube, it can be really helpful. I learned how to knit 6 months ago and learned it all on YouTube.


Thank you!! That’s so helpful​:blush:


No problem! I still consider myself a beginner but I’ll definitely try my best to help if you have any other questions :smile:


Count your stitches often! Those pesky things are always disappearing/reappearing.

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