Knitting crocheting - Hobby and therapy

I started picking up the knitting needles, crochet hooks with yarns at around 9 thanks to my mother. I used to watched her knit and it’s just fascinating how the movements and patterns formed… I got hooked :grin: My mother lend me her knitting needles and right away I followed what she was doing…and I suck at it… but I’m grateful for my mother’s patience and generosity…there were times I felt low… but I know that I didn’t start only to quit later…I was pretty determined with it…I thanked my mother, and I hope she’s proud of me for being the only kid out of 5 siblings who followed her passion.

How good am I? I’m not! I’m not sure what level I am… I didn’t train for this, I’m nothing compared to professionals but what I see is uniqueness and beauty in what anyone could make out of a yarn or scraps and these tools are amazing!!!

How long I have been knitting/crocheting?
So once I know let’s just say atleast 10 rows of a straight and aligned simple pattern, I then do it for pastime when I’m not studying.
I grew up becoming a nurse and now this is not just a hobby for me because it’s one of the things I do when I feel down… Again, I’m not a trained professional… I’m just one lay person who somehow took a hook and a yarn and make something.


It’s great that it serves such an important part in your life and you know that it makes you feel good! Very inspirational :blush:


It’s nice that you persevered and that it’s now something that picks you up when you’re down. It’s a perfect de stressor! :blush:


Thank you :relaxed:


Thank you for sharing your story! It’s very inspirational, and gives us a little insight into your crafting journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thnx for sharing :hugs::two_hearts: