Knitting machine

Ok, I don’t want to start any debates if knitting with a machine is a craft or not.
I just can’t knit, trying to scoop up the stitch with the needle from the other needle is like so very irritating, like I can’t stand it, gives me the run away vibe,
Like fingernails on a black board vibe.

Can anyone recommend a machine? I don’t want one that’s cheap and will break down after some use. Ignore the cost of it and tell me which one is durable, and you can easily get parts for.



i found this. i hope this helps!


It will depend on what you are doing. There are straight machines and circular machines, then each is made for certain weights of yarn.
I found a link for this year’s reviews. This should at least give you a starting point for research.


Real metal knitting machines are expensive, was $900 years ago when I had one, I’m sure they are much more now. I believe the one I had was a Brother. They are nice, but if you intend to knit clothing will also need to buy a ribber, also expensive, to make the ribbing on the cuffs and bottom of sweaters. If you buy it from a local knitting shop that sells them, they will give you lessons.


Thank you!


I might also suggest that you buy a small loom and try that. They sell the plastic ones at Walmart for fairly cheap and they use 4 or 5 yarn. You can get round or oblong, and look up some basic stitches online. The only reason I suggest that first is because it’s not expensive but will give you an idea of the product you can create on a machine. It’s just more manual. I would hate for you to invest hundreds of dollars to find out you don’t like that either.
My son uses a loom and has made quite a few surprising items.


Good idea! I was just looking at one at Wal Mart today! I think your suggestion is a very valid one.