knitting pattern question

After months of playing around with a novel idea on how to create a lace stocking that would have the look of an old fashioned seamed stocking with a Manhattan heel, I finally came up with something that was unlike any sock heel I had ever come across before.
after more playing around with it, I came up with the perfect ways to manipulate the stitches and the proportions to alter the fit.
I sent this to a few friends of mine and they all loved it and agreed that they also could not find another heel like it online.
We have over 1500 years of knitted sock examples, and I could not presume that I was the only other person to have come up with this idea… but we did end up finding something very close.
So, I thought that I would ask my fellow crafters:
If you come up with an idea, and then discover that there is another set of instructions out there that are very close, but not the same, is it still your original idea?
I’m thinking along the lines of the difference between standard double short row heel that I use and “fish lips kiss” heel (neither are mine)
or the standard gusset and heel flap compared to the “faux flap” method compared to the gusset and flap method I use (which I did stumble on on my own long before the internet)
while these may look the same and have the same fit and have nearly the exact same method to get there…they are all considered different methods.
My new heel for the next sock series I’m about to publish this week is my own creation and is only similar to the heel that was shown to me today. It has at least 2 visible differences and does not use my math method for gauge and size. Do I still have the right to call it mine and name it as such?


As long as you didn’t read that pattern and base yours off of it, you should be fine. There are so many crafters and pattern writers it can sometimes be hard to come up with 100% original unique ideas!

Also your idea sounds absolutely beautiful and you should definitely share it with the world!:heart:


thank you!
I am not sure I came up with what I started out to find, but I am very proud of this pattern. Its called the Spats series, Im about to announce it