Knitting Patterns!

Hi Everyone,

My first post! I’m and Australian born knitter, living in Texas via the UK and Canada. I’m launching my latest venture: knitting patterns!

I am loving Ribblr as a platform for crafters, but I feel like there should be more knitting patterns so I’m here to contribute.

Please check out my shop.
FREE Broken Rib Cup Cosy
Today I’ve uploaded a free pattern for a cup cosy. Use it on your next hot beverage when the standard cardboard sleeve just isn’t good enough. It is a scrap buster, so it won’t use much yarn at all. Perfect for leftover yarn.

I’ve got a pattern for my trusty tea cosy, used in my household regularly. There is a smaller version coming soon.

Coming up I plan to work on a series of patterns to help new knitters master the basics. I’ll keep you all posted.

I’m excited to be here.

Jane from Oxford Knit
@oxford_knit (instagram)
@oxfordknit (you tube)


I look forward to your patterns and agree I would love to see more knitting/knitters here, too! Cant wait to see what you’ve got in store :dizzy: