knitting plushie patterns

maybe it’s just me, but i’ve found finding patterns for knitting plushies is kind of hard. i know most people prefer crocheting plushies over knitting them (at least, i think it’s more common) but does anyone know any plushie patterns for knitting? i haven’t started learning how to crochet yet but i’m fairly okay at knitting so i was wondering if anyone knew any.


I don’t think there are any beginner or intermediate knitting plushie patterns, and i think they all cost money. :grimacing: I’m a crocheter, and I think there are many more options. (My opinion, u can ignore)

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yeah, i didn’t think so. if there are, they’re pretty hard to find. i’ve seen a few on the internet in general, but i’m having a hard time finding them again. hopefully there are some on here? i’m assuming they’re just not very popular, considering it’s not something that’s in high demand lol

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I did a brief search on ribblr and I found these for free.

There are also some nice paid ones.
Snorlax: Knitting pattern | Ribblr?
Chibi Unicorn: Knitting pattern | Ribblr
Chunky Dragon: Knitting pattern | Ribblr
Lil Ghost: Knitting pattern | Ribblr?


thank you SO much !!! these are awesome, i really appreciate it


You’re very welcome. Glad I could help :blush:

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I’m actually knitting my second amigurumi pattern (my fourth knitting project in general) and definitely hard to find them, but there are some here on Ribblr thankfully! Congrats on your first post and welcome to Ribblr! To find some of them visit the pattern shop and select knitting in the filter and hopefully you find one you like! :smile::grin: