Knitting tutorial

Would any crocheters out there be interested in a knitting tutorial aimed at teaching the absolute basics? I was thinking about making a tutorial focusing on how to knit as someone who already knows how to crochet. Since I learned knitting as a crocheter I think it would be interesting to focus on the tips and tricks that I figured out along the way.

I know plenty of YouTube videos already exist so if that doesn’t sound interesting or like something people would use I won’t bother. :joy:

EDIT: Ribblr already has video tutorials embedded into the site that shows how to do the basics of knitting. Maybe I could come up with a super simple pattern that would incorporate the most basic of stitches.


Sounds great :slight_smile:

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I also am a crocheter who learned how to knit so I am definitely interested in your idea of a tutorial

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I would be really interested! I want to learn how to knit :))


I would be!:two_hearts: I have the things to knit, just dont know where to start :woman_shrugging:


It would literally be cast on, knit and purl, and cast off. Maybe a couple of types of increases and decreases and how to read terminology. Also what to do when you drop a stitch.

Like I said this is all on yt so idk if I would even need to make this.