When I taught someone to knit, I started them with a dishcloth with the number 1 on it… It’s somewhat small, uses cast on, knit, purl, and bind off - your bare minimum basics… And the 1 helps remind you it’s your first knit project :wink:
When I was first taught, I was told to cast on, then knit for a few rows until I was comfortable, then pork a few rows until I was comfortable with that, then alternate rows to make stockinette, then bind off… When I asked what I did with this when I finished the answer was “oh you didn’t make anything, you were just practicing. You can save of you want it just rip it out to reuse the yarn.” To be honest, that kinda deflated me, so I didn’t know again for almost another year… Yep made this weird swatch thing then didn’t touch needles for a year :woman_facepalming:t3:
This is the big reason I started the lady I taught with a dishcloth… Similar concept to how I was taught, but had a tangible, useable object in the end :blush:
Also if your gauge is off or wonky, no one cares (but you can also try blocking it for practice with that if you want)…
So I actually added a free pattern for this exact purpose (although it can be used for any reason)…
#1 Dishcloth