Lace stitch rec's for a hair scarf

Hey guys! I’ve recently come across a bunch of lion brand coboo that I can turn into a hair scarf, but I’m struggling to think of a good lace stitch (because heaven forbid I just use stockinette, I always make things harder for myself).
I’m considering doing a combination of lace stitches, specifically one with St. John’s Wort. I’d probably do a few repeats of that, and then transition to another type of stitch. Any ideas? Stitch amount wouldn’t matter too much, since I could just keep the ends in garter or stockinette, depending.
Thanks in advance!


I’m not that completely familiar with knitting, but when I search up the St. John’s Wort stitch I think it might go well with a feather and fan knitting stitch although I’m not sure how it would be with lace stitches or if it’s a separate thing entirely, other ones I saw were Diamonds in moss, and Branching lace at least I think that’s what they’re called that’s what showed up when I had searched lace stitches separately so if it doesn’t show up if you search let me know and I can link the sources :grinning: also congrats on your first post!


Cell stitch, diagonal cross stitch, or German honeycomb
Or maybe something with leaves like this

I usually pair lace with cables or cables with lace in them I would do this with the stitch you mentioned
I would do something like these


Why thank you ^^


That last picture looks super cool, but it could be too much for what may only be 6 inches wide. I think that green one may work well, since it looks complex enough to not be boring. Thank you!


Those are all beautiful.

Edit to say: I Really gotta get on learning.


I know! But feeling like I’m too set in my ways and old to enter another HUGE learning curve…



For all of my patterns that have both a knit and crochet version, (and the ones you have not seen yet) I have found that it was significantly easier to convert knit to crochet than the other way around… And I’m fairly certain it is easier to teach a knitter crochet than it is to teach a crocheter to knit, at least that has been my experience so far.