Large print?

Is there a way to make the print larger? I am vision impaired and as it stands I cannot easily use either the desktop or the app options. The dark mode helps however the print is still very small.

Also is there a way to completely turn off the email notifications?

Looking forward to learning more about the website and community :slight_smile:


Hi J and welcome to Ribblr!

You can make the fonts larger whilst working on a pattern by clicking the β€œTt” icon on any device.
You can also make your text larger on desktop by holding control/cmd and the + icon. On mobile go to settings and look for β€œtext size.”

Finally, you can visit your profile to customize your notification settings.

Glad to hear the dark mode is helping you out! We’ve worked hard on the many accessibility tools we have and we continue to work on improving those and developing new ones.

Hope that helps :pray: