left-handed doubt

Good morning.
Does it change a pattern for those who are left-handed?
It’s who I am and sometimes it seems like I do it wrong.


My husband is left handed, so I am very aware of right handed bias.
My patterns are all written in a way that takes very little, or no, translation for left /right handedness.
@Lefthandstitches might be able to give you some tips and advice,as she does quite well with the conversion.


I have yet to find a crochet pattern that actually needs altering but it seems they’re all inside out depending on what you feel the RS is … Knitting … Daily … Drop shoulder sweaters short rows go on the neck side not the arm side… Right now I’m working on an I cord that would have been backwards … I’ve been doing test knits so I have pattern support even if designers get a bit confused… I just need to know where X is supposed to be to make it = to everyone else :woman_shrugging:t3: pictures help the most


I try to give actual placement or desired outcome, just in case. Because I tend to knit in both directions instead of turning my work and I always yarn under from outside towards my needle, this makes my stitches sit opposite of most modern patterns and always caused me a lot of frustration because the designer just wrote the instructions for how they knit and not what the intended outcome was. So I always try to keep this in mind when writing.


I was considering following the pattern all on the wrong side, but I don’t know if it would work


That falls into my blind spot, I would have to make a mock-up know for sure.
Again, it would depend on how it was written to begin with and what it is


I’ll be trying to do this, if it works, success


As far as Amigurumi goes, I haven’t found a pattern that I can’t use. My work is inside out though. When I get to a certain point I flip it right side in.


Thank you @anon5108995 , I agree I have done many of your patternsand they are very lefthand friendly. I have definitely come across others that are more difficult.
@Miriamarmelo please feel free to reach out to me any time and I can try to help. I’ve found that many amigurumis will turn out fine especially the simple ones. For other things it may be necessary to join on the opposite side or turn the work the opposite way for it to be correct. Sometimes it helps to think about do it right-handed & then visualize what needs to be done to get the same outcome lefthanded. And sometimes our work may be mirror image but that is okay :+1:


I teach a lot of left-handed crocheters and for the most part with the patterns we have used so far it hasn’t caused any issue of being wrong or right sides, although I do teach them to insert their hook from the front and not behind (I noticed one of my students found that more comfortable but then it made her stitches look like they were the wrong side- I hope that makes sense).

Anyway, in last nights class we did come up with a snag, similar to what I think you are asking. My student is making an amigurumi cat from one of our magazines, and it is clearly written from a right-handed point of view. It’s one of those patterns where the body of the toy is worked directly onto the legs (no sewing), and we had to do a slight swap around because it would have meant that the body stitches would be the “inside/wrong side” of the work on the outside of the toy. So instead of working into the left leg first from the join point, we went round the right leg first so that her stitches were right side facing outwards. This didn’t change any of the stitch counts at all for this particular project, but it has made me more aware for future reference for those making amigurumi.


I am dyslexic, and I crochet from the backside. I use the same pattern and do the same steps and get the same result. Just takes me a little longer to get it right in my mind first.