Less active

I will be less active for a while, perhaps even applie to less tester calls.
My dad is in hospital sinds 3pm so I have to look after my mom that she stays alright, do 2 households and all the other stuff that comes with it. And being ill myself (fibromyalgia, Bechterew and several severe hernias), it will take most of the time of my days. I will try to finish the test I’m working on asap.
Sorry to them in advance for the inconveniences.
Thanks for letting me test already all the other beautiful patterns I was allowed to.
I love ribblr for all those great patterns and the great people here.
Thanks everyone


Hope everything works out quickly for you :pray:


I’m sry to hear :cry: well gl to u all. Keep well :pray: :heart:


It’s completely understandable, take all the time you need


Sending you and your fam internet hugs! Hope your parents are doing better soon. Take care of yourself too!
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:purple_heart::pray: love and light coming tour way

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I hope everything gets better
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aw, I’m so sorry. i hope things improve for you!!! sending hugs :purple_heart: