Let inspire everyone whatever there skills

**LETS INSPIRE EACH OTHER. Ive been crochetingandknitting years (had 10 years break from 2010 Diagnosed with RaynaldsDisease Diagnosed with Rymatoid Arthritis at 5 years .

I’m still learning

New skills*
Wow and im 56 soon.
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**i learnt old school.
Now *Theres *YouTube, Instagram Who reads old books or Goes to the Library *********

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I also had re-teach myself (*went back to original book from when in wascwas 6 years old.
LETS BE THERE FOR US FOLLOW (Old, NEW , Coming back to , crocheting and Knitting ???,


Even though I could have used YouTube, when I decided to relearn and expand my crochet skills, I used reading… Some books, some blogs… However, when I decided to learn knitting a couple years later I got so confused reading, so had to use the YouTube… Usually, reading makes sense to me, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it for knitting…
Learned crochet as a little girl, but didn’t do much more than sc scarves and some beaded chains added to sock cuffs until I was 24… That’s when I learned more and actually started doing it more consistently… I learned knitting shortly after I turned 26… Now I’m almost 37…